Saturday 9th July 2016 - Sunday 24th July 2016
Opening Hours : 12:00-1900 | Closed : Mondays
Opening Reception : Friday July 8th from 18:00 onwards

Making each “fragment” one by one, Kai Goto’s works combine to symbolize the ever-changing transitions of people and things through division and reintegration.

Artist’s statement: I wonder if dead butterflies could fly again? Their wings draped in memories of life, perhaps with sound they could dance freely through the air. For my first solo show in Tokyo in two years, I have arranged a sound installation with the help of musicians, composing piano music from algorithmic compositions based on field recordings of living environments with butterflies. On the musical scores I have arranged several butterflies and their wings. I am realizing a day dream in which life and death mingle together.

image:[day dream] 」butterfly, acrylic, epoxy resin
          7cm×10cm,  7cm×16cm, 2016
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