Rika Shimasaki / The Prisoner of Mirrors

Saturday 16 May 2015- Sunday 31th May 2015
Opening Hours : 12:00-1900 | Closed : Mondays
Opening Reception : Friday May 15h from 18:00 onwards

Bedecked in splendor, these goldfish are absorbed in a competition of beauty. Their ornamentation is like a magic that transforms them easily into their ideal selves. If they wish for this magic to last forever, they are imprisoned in an eternally superficial world of mirrors. We must all be careful not to be caught in this mirror world. 
These framed paintings of flowery goldfish are from a series continued since 2008, in which artificially bred prize goldfish resemble over-dressed and made-up women.
The finely detailed yet imposing scales of the fish present powerful color contrasts. Focusing on these works, this exhibition reveals the ability of Rika Shimasaki’s paintings to entrance the viewer.

[Image: "Lisa" (2013) acrylic, canvas 53.0×45.5 cm]
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