Mami Itagaki

Spotlighting casual scenes of daily life creates moments curiously evoking memories and treasures. The times of our lives end, fairly and unfairly, for us all. Our daily existences become most precious to us when we realize that we will someday certainly relinquish what we have. Mami Itagaki’s toso sculptures depict people lingering in such ordinary day-to-day lives. With sweet and nostalgic expressions and gestures, these characters seem to speak out to us.

(Toso sculptures are made from a clay mixture of paulownia wood powder and paste that forms a wood-like surface when dry).

1981  Born in Gifu prefecture

             Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts,

           Department of sculpture.

2016 the art fair +plus-ultra
     ~NANATASU GALLERY ・gallery UG~ 

2016  Solo Exhibition「Tomorrow’s Bread」 ~NANATASU GALLERY ~

2016 Solo Exhibition「TAYUMARURUMONO」~Gallery UG~

2015 The art fair+Plus-Ultra ~NANATASU GALLERY ~

2015   Laissez-faire Exhibition (5/14~24) 
            ~The LUXE ART MUSEUM in Singapore~

2014 The art fair+Plus-Ultra ~NANATASU GALLERY ~

2014   HELLION GALLERY(6/5~7/4)Oregon USA

2014   Gallery UG15 The 15th anniversary memory
    (7/23~7/29) ~Ueno no Mori Museum Gallery~

2014  Solo Exhibition「Ito wokashi」

2013  Solo Exhibition (2/5~2/17)~ギャラリーYuki~

2013  The Tenohira Exhibition vol.8 (6/24~7/3) ~Gallery UG~

2013  TDW ART FAIR 2013 (10/31~11/4) 
            Grand prix at the late stage receiving a prize

2012 The art fair in Taipei (11/9~11/12)

2011 The Tenohira Exhibition vol.8 (7/4~7/13) 
     ~Uniglavas Ginza~

2011   The art fair in Taipei (8/26~8/29)

2011 Joint Exhibition(12/16~12/29)~Gallery UG~

2010   “Fragments” (10/4~10/9)
             ~Gallery Art Point~

2009  Winning world Orchid exhibition arts and crafts section      judge special prize

2009  Joint exhibition “Due Cosumo” (4/30~5/6) 

2005 Tokyo University of the Arts・Ibaraki University・Tsukuba       University Graduation end selection exhibition 
    ~Tokai station gallery~          
                       And many others

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